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‘Maku’ is a Bengali word that literally means the shuttle that we use in the handloom. We chose the word because it has two syllables; ‘ma’ and ‘ku’. ‘Ma’ is universal and so no one can really go wrong in pronouncing the name. If those two phonetics are known to you, you can retain it for long. It was a part of our branding.

We symbolised Indigo as the colour of sustenance and now make sure that every piece of clothing will be dyed in indigo or will remain white. The fabric is in its pure form. We don’t look at indigo as a blue, but as a concept of narrowing down the choices, we have. For instance, in black and white pictures, there’s no information in terms of colours, but we concentrate on the composition. Similarly, if I cut down the colours, we are forcing ourselves to look beyond the visual aspect. The whole idea is to create an intimacy with the materials being used.

None of our designs are made on paper. It is an evolving and collaborative process with the weavers. Our projects usually start with confusion since we don’t really know what we are going to do, but we let it be organic and open to possibilities.

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