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Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born is an inspirational contemporary Australian fashion house fusing together a unique story telling vision with design prowess. The renowned duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales met while completing their fashion design degree, in 2005 the pair established the inimitable label Romance Was Born.

Known for their ability to transform any theme or inspiration into a glimmering chimerical fashion paradise full of wonderment. Their collections feature covetable prints, hand worked details of appliqué, embroidery, intricate beading and intensely detailed sequinned elements. As a result, Romance Was Born creations are held in fashion and textile collections at the Powerhouse Museum and The National Gallery of Victoria.

Together they explore a creative common ground and build an awe-inspiring relationship between fashion and art. The pair has garnered respect for their extravagant and theatrical runway shows that realise the Romance Was Born vision in its entirety. Each Romance Was Born collection becomes a fashion dreamscape exploring vast themes of fantasy steeped in vibrant imagery. The results are breathtaking.

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